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Rafael Andria.

Em meios á devaneios simplórios, em meios á alcunhas corriqueiras, um pequeno escritor perdido se julga saber um pouco mais da realidade do que sobre um acaso. Mas, seus sentimentos estão nas pontas de seus dedos.


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Some nights are a lot like the days, I lay awake too late, I watch the shadows casted
Trace your shape. Those silver slivers on the wall then on the bedsheets.
I hear your song in the trees. I finally fall into rest.
Often later when I’m sleeping you show up in my dreams.
Just doing simple things, like buying groceries.
And when I wake up I could swear you must’ve just left me
Like you got up to make breakfast or maybe just to get dressed.
—  You and I in Unison 


- La dispute